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Sharon G. Flake

Naheed Senzai

Tom Watson

Ted Sanders

Thank you for the amazing people who joined the 2019 Youth Literature Festival Committees

2019 Core Committee

Community Day Diane Gustafson
Kathy Bennett
Betsy Su, retired Library
Shih-Mei Carmody
Hospitality Nancy O’Brien
Lekisha Hall
School Engagement / PreparednessChristine Cahill
Tiffanie Bui
Melissa Payne
School Scheduling and Volunteer Drivers Linda Tammen
Deb Newell 
Alexandra Bell
Mike Rogalla,
Kathie Kading
Amanda Raklovits
Publicity & Marketing Kimberlie Ann Kranich
Elaine Bearden
Ashley Lawrence


YLF Community Day

Check this Out:

The Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL) is pleased to present an exhibit in celebration of the biennial Youth Literature Festival. This display, featuring the themes and books of the 17 authors and illustrators who will participate in the event, honors the use of youth literature as a powerful tool for education and recognizes the importance of reading in development.

The month-long exhibit is located in the North-South Corridor, Marshall Gallery, and SSHEL North and South in the Main Library building, 1408 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana.

Stacey Robinson

Patricia Powell

Students lend a hand at just the right moment

Studetns at their graphic design display

Alex Aguillon, Nora Guerrero, and Camille Ruiz-Funes at their Community Day Celebration display

Three Illinois students in graphic design—Alex Aguillon, Nora Guerrero, and Camille Ruiz-Funes—assisted the College of Education greatly by creating two additional Youth Literature Festival posters just days before the event took place.