Youth literature is at the heart of our lives.

The Youth Literature Festival brings award-winning authors of youth literature to a wide area of schools in a three-day event culminating in a Community Day Celebration with author panels, activities for kids, and performances to share with the whole family, and it is all provided without cost to participants or to school districts.

See the activities below and click the orange links to read more about this year's event. If you are able, help us out with a donation or volunteering in some way. We need everyone to make this a success!

The 2016 festival is October 20-22, 2016

Our authors are some of the leading writers of youth literature, coming to our festival to share their experiences and knowledge. Many of them are award winners. Look at this link to see some of our authors and their information.

Our sponsors make all of this possible. You can see who they are and donate at this link to help support this great learning opportunity for our children. You make a difference with any donation you offer. We can't do this without you!

The Community Day Celebration is open to the public and free. Our authors present talks, give demonstrations, participate in panel discussions, and sign autographs, while other rooms feature music, puppetry, dance, crafts, and activities for youngsters.

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